Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Project for new goal

I have decided to put my purse on hold and make a crazy quilted pouch for my Weight Watcher's materials. I will share my progress to show how to make something without a pattern.

The first steps are to measure your item you will be using the pouch for. In this case I measured my 5# bookmark because it was longer than the books and I want everything to fit comfortably.

I then measured the width of my books then added a bit extra for more room.

Now I am ready to gather fabrics and piece the pouch front....the whole pouch front. I want something pretty to inspire me every Wed.

Stay tuned for progress if interested..........................

Have a lovely day filled with sunshine and take a moment for stitching!

1 comment:

  1. Goodmorning Pat,
    Why am I NOT surprised you are making a pouch with all your beautiful hand work?? What a lovely way to inspire yourself. My Weight Watcher Pouch is the one they sell!!!(I Love WW and worked for them for 14 years after I graduated from their program. Since I have gained a few pounds over the holidays I am starting back)
    Your work is beyond words. I love every stitch.
    Have a great day


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