Saturday, February 09, 2008

My book available on Etsy

I have neglected my etsy shop terribly for months and I see it was dwindling down to nothing so I spent most of the day transferring images,cutting fabrics,and building new kits. I have added a few things and thought ,"Why not offer my book?", I now have it offered as a pre-order which simply means, when I sell 10 books,I will order them and send them out asap which in turn saves you $5.00 on shipping. This will also make them available to those outside the US.

Not that I think they will fly out the door, but I thought it would be something nice to make available to friends instead of going through a bookseller and paying high postage.

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  1. I was just in there after you put up new things, I guess! I was looking for something a friend wanted, and check your shop first (ribbon) but didn't see any that was just silk ribbon.

    Your new beads are gorgeous, and you have such a nice way of writing about people. She sounds like a friend to treasure.


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