Saturday, February 09, 2008

Flowers from mom

I was greeted at the door with this beautiful purple bouquet. It is from my mother to congratulate me on my new book. It is so nice to receive flowers in the middle of Winter. I had forgotten how fragrant they could be. I close my eyes,inhale, and feel as if I am standing in the center of my garden inhaling fresh scented air without a care in the world. Oh what a fresh bouquet can do for your spirit. I love the beautiful dragonfly and now my thoughts wander to beautiful memories of my dad....................................


  1. How sweet! She must be very proud of you. And she has great taste :-)

    Goodness, I think I can smell these beauties from here.

  2. Thanks Gerry.She is my cheerleader that's for certain! Oh I can't wait to pick my first flower......

  3. SOOO beautiful! I love the dragonfly!What a sweet Mom :)

  4. How sweet and thoughtful of your Mom.... but then ,,, that's what moms do. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers along with the success of having your book published. You are a very talented girl and I am so inspired.


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