Friday, February 15, 2008

Finished Rolanda's case

I am happy to say I have completed Rolanda's case. She loves earth tones so I gathered my green,dark blue,brown and rust fabrics and embellishments for this project. I hope she finds it useful.

I enjoyed this project as I do all projects that I make for special people. I usually get nervous as I choose colors, then during the process of embellishing it all seems to fit.

I still find it a pleasant challenge to work with colors outside my "comfort zone". When I am working in pastels and dusty purple and green, it seems I am on autopilot and the project falls together without thinking.

It is good to have to "think" once in a while :-).


  1. what it is again a present!!!

  2. Pat, this is beautiful! Please, can you tell me is there somewhere to find instructions on how to attach this kind of clasp? Could you email me? Email on my website: Many thanks ahead of time! As always, your blog is inspiring and more than eye candy! The only thing that would make it better (if that's possible) would be if your crazy quilts were made out of chocolate! ;-)
    Blessings! Diane

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the colors.

  4. Rolanda if you read this let me say this will become a treasure to you. Not just the handiwork but the love that pours from it.


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