Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Filling a gray day with sunshine

Yesterday was so foggy. As we drove cautiously to my husband's physical therapy session,the fog seemed to be getting worse. Zero visibility, none, Nada, zip!
As we pulled onto the ramp heading toward our destination, you couldn't see anything until it was upon you, literally. Scary! Still , with no ability to see beyond your fender, here came a speeding trucker in the merge lane. Us in a new truck, one week old,and black which isn't easy to see anyway. I cringed and held on for the impact which thank goodness didn't happen. As we sped up I took a breath and thought about the trucker behind the wheel. I wondered which pills he carefully chose to take before putting us all in danger? What cocktail did he have for lunch and how many? Did brakes not come with his big truck?

Today we awoke to fog and now four hours later it is just a dull gray day but....you can see the mail box. I choose to stay inside today and read my new issue of Artful Blogging I picked up at Barnes & Noble on the way home yesterday. I had to reward myself for surviving the earlier experience. I was tempted to grab a cup of coffee last night and curl up and read but I decided to save it for today.

Now I am about to grab my tea tray and head to my comfy chair for a peaceful browse,then perhaps some stitching.

As I was waiting for my tea pot to heat I glanced out the back window and saw a Cardinal. I didn't want to scare him away so I took this picture through the window so it isn't very good. I needed that bit of color to remind me that Spring will be here before we know it. Now I am off to my chair.....and all the beautiful inspiration Artful Blogging offers.


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM CST

    Pat, I am a member of cq-newbiews. I read your blog everyday, and enjoy it alot. Can"t wait to get my hands on your book. Congratulations on that!! Debbie rquirion@roadrunner.com

  2. How scary that must have been! Truckers are not my favorite people behind me in bad weather. I don't mind following one, but I don't want to be in front of one. They want to go faster than I can see!

    I love the cardinal outside. Spring really will show up!

  3. Pat, how frightening! I don't understand why people are in such a hurry, especially in bad weather conditions. Stopping to smell the flowers is becoming a lost art. Sad. That's why what we creative people do is such a blessing! To ourselves and to this harried, hurried world!


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