Monday, February 11, 2008

Beads from heaven......

I am usually hesitant to inquire about something interesting on one's work. You would think I was such a materialistic person with the things I love to collect,I really am not. No, really..However the beads on the Comfort Doll made by Rolanda Patterson of TX kept taunting me until I gave in and asked about their source. You know how I love beads and if they had any nutritional value I would live in a bead shop, well, only if a dentist were nearby :-).

I asked Rolanda where these beauties could be found. After a few emails and my persistence to allow me to make her something, she sent six tubes of exquisite beads, none of which I own,which is amazing. Rolanda hasn't "met" me or anything and I receive this most generous package of beads. I was teary eyed over her generosity.

After a few more emails and I realize I stumbled upon another blessed woman who is like a breath of Spring air. Her love for her family,children and her faith has allowed her blessings which she freely shares. I sat and closed my eyes for a moment and imagined the world to be filled with Rolanda's. I am fortunate to have met a few of you out there and trust me, I treasure you. Not for what you share with me, but because I know the joy you receive when giving out weighs any pleasure of receiving. It is a blessing we share from one heart to another and I believe it grows.

So when I say beads from heaven, I mean more than the shop named "Bead Heaven". ;>}
Thank you Rolanda, and my kindred know who you are.

Now I am off to begin a project for Rolanda which I hope she receives as I intend, not for "pay back", but from my heart to hers,the gift of sharing.


  1. Your sweetness bouncing back at you!

  2. Yes, "pay it forward"is only the beginning of the adventure of the heart! Thanks for this lovely post, Pat....


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