Thursday, January 31, 2008


I can't believe the response, thank you everyone for your congratulations and well wishes on my book. To answer the main question I am receiving, "how to order",either click on the button on my sidebar or you go to, click on bookstore,then just published, my book is on the second page , or type in "Pat Winter Gatherings" and then click on my book cover. It will take you to the ordering page. The postage is ridiculous as they only ship by UPS, so if a few of you know each other and live nearby, it would be best to bulk buy because shipping is only a dollar more for several than for one..crazy. I wish I had them here to sell, but I don't. Media mail is much cheaper.It is all their thing,I just put it out there.

I just noticed blogger will have a scheduled outing at 4:30 PST, hopefully I can get caught up by then. I have missed everyone. Until then, keep smiling!


  1. Pat, this is so cool! You've done a fantastic job with this. Love the preview. I thought this was just to make blogs into books. Who knew?????

    Way to go!

  2. Your book cover is beautiful! I look forward to saving up enough to buy this, or finding someone who is dying to give me a gift. =)


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