Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008

2008 came in with a Winter Wonderland snow storm. Light and fluffy and lots of it.This is what we woke up to see out our windows on New Years morn. I love it when each branch is stacked with snow. It was a beautiful snowfall to watch as I was tucked away in my big comfy chair sipping on Passion Fruit tea. By the way, I did see the New Year in at midnight :-)
Oh, Sandy....that was O'Donnell's White Chocolate Irish Cream, not Bailey's. One brother bought me Bailey's Caramel, the other bought O'Donnell's White Choc. Both are yummy! That is a small liqueur glass, not a wine glass by the way :-D

As I sat watching the big fluffy white stuff fall,I was thinking of how my life has changed in a year because of blogging. I have met so many wonderful people and many have become good friends. I have been inspired to try other projects ,and meet such a pleasant mix of Artists and their creative journeys. I have had such fun surprising other's and being surprised with gifts from the heart. I can't even begin to say how fortunate I was to be inspired to start the Comfort Doll Project and have so many angels jump in and create from their heart to keep it going. I am sure each recipient of a Comfort Doll sent out a prayer to its maker this Christmas. I do hope they continue to look forward and find a good life they deserve.

I hope to put more smiles on more faces this year. That is what it is all about to me. The world is so troubled and I admit I rarely watch the news because it is nothing but bad stuff going on, or at least that is all they choose to report on. Instead I like to make something that makes me smile and allows me to dream of good things. I am fortunate to be able to stay home and play,and I do not take that for granted. "Pay it forward" has really taken off in blog land and it is a wonderful thing to see such sharing. I intend to continue paying it forward because among other things, it allows us to meet new people and interact with artists whom we would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Blogging is like being able to invite friends over any time of the day to share and chat and just be yourself with. You are accepted for who you are. You can learn,find great sources for stash,help other's deal,and just have fun when blogging.

I ask you, for anyone who wishes to answer, What does blogging mean to you? What do you get out of it? If you will, I would like to know if you replied on your blog and I will direct others to it.


  1. Thanks for sharing your reflections, Pat. One of the things I like about blogging is this exchange of ideas. Sometimes I don't even know I'm interested in a topic until I read about it somewhere else, and realize I have an opinion on it. =) All of us together are so much more than any one of us alone.

  2. Hi Pat,
    I enjoyed reading your recent posts. I gotta say I NEVER EVER thought I would be blogging! I didn't even have a desire to have anything to do with a computer until a few years ago. My DH always looked after my business dealings on the computer and would answer emails for me etc...(My girlfriends would laugh when I referred to him as my Boy Toy!" One day he said"Maggie !!!" you should learn how to do this..... and the rest is history. I started off with my webpage, then I got involved with selling things on Etsy,,,, and now I BLOG!!!!! OMG it is the BEST!.
    I have met so many lovely people, made new friends, and learned so much.I love to see what everyone is doing and all the techniques and resources that are shared is AWESOME....
    I love it all...I just wish there were twice as many hours in the day .... I'm sure y'all know what I mean!
    Thanks Pat .. see you soon
    Maggie in melting & rainy Southern Ontario Canada

  3. I can't even begin to say just what blogging has ment to me! The quote I posted to My Blogging Friends on May 31 say's it best ~ "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:What! You too? I thought I was the only one." C. S. Lewis ....
    Finding friends that are like minded has been one of my best gifts of 2007!


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