Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wanna have some fun and help out the Susan G Komen fund

Monica Magness is hosting a wonderful group project that allows us to create something small that gives something big! Her project is called,"Visions of Pink" and she needs us to create a 2" square piece of art from anything laying around in your studio.....come on, we all have a million things laying around our studios no matter what medium we work with

......I see that smirk.....

I know you want to play....think about it for a day or two.....

I am taking it on, and would love for my work to be next to yours. Yes, all of our squares keeping each other company in one creation

How will this happen? What will our tiny squares become? Read all the information on her blog,but this is the jest of it....

Monica will collect our 2" ART squares and create one doll to send to Art Doll Quarterly which in turn will be auctioned on eBay and funds donated to Susan G Komen for the Cure.

30 minutes or less of your artistic time...time to spend playing in your studio......for a great, it will put a smile on Monica's pretty face, and that is always a good thing!

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  1. Go girl! Thank you for being such a supporter and cheerleader for our group "the pink artist"! Pat, I wonder how many squares we'll get in the end? I wonder how many lives this project will touch in the end? I wonder how many smiles we'll count in the end?


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