Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Venturing out into a Winter Wonderland..... why?

It is just so beautiful outside that I had to take my new camera and venture out. I first took a photo of the beautiful limbs of the trees and bushes that led into the garden. Since Angell was following me and there wasn't a path, I didn't go any further. Instead, I took the path my husband made which led to the front yard and out to the mailbox.
I was snapping pictures along the way. As soon as I learn how to make a video with this thing, I will do so.

So, where was I going on such a Wintry morn?.................To the mailbox of course! Now back to the house for a cup of tea and warm socks!


  1. What marvelous pictures! I can understand why you went out, but I don't think I'd have followed you. =) Your house looks so great, summer or winter.

  2. I really enjoy your pictures!
    The snow is beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  3. hi pat
    ohhhhh to have your snow!!
    i am a complete fool when it comes to snow-i love its quiet beauty-thank you for sharing it:D
    tammy in bleak freezing snowless ct!!

  4. Pat: I guess with the last name of Winter, you fit right in those beautiful snow scenes :-) But, I am a true blue southerner...those scenes are so beautiful and serene, but they make me shiver to the bone!
    Always enjoy my visit....
    Happy New Year!


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