Monday, January 14, 2008

Too excited not to share...........

I have a huge smile this morning...I hope all of you do after you read what Linda did.

Linda Walsh recently interviewed me for the Comfort Doll Project. If you ever had any questions about the project, Linda pretty well covered it in the interview. I hope you read it, she has posted it throughout many of her blogs and sites, and she is definitely the queen of blog!!!! She offers a huge amount of information tying the crafting and art community together. Quite a busy lady and such a dear heart to help spread the word about the Comfort Doll Project. A huge hug and smile topped with THANK YOU Linda! Go ahead and enjoy!
Linda's Blog
Doll's Blog
I l ove crafts and crafts blog
The best free crafts articles blog
Gray is beautiful
The Dollie storage room blog
Tips from the blogging Queen
Dollie and crafts plugboard
Crafting for all plugboard

If that weren't enough, Lorrie Ramsay of Pine Glen Designs requested an article for her Newsletter. Click on newsletter and then "New". Thank you Lorrie!!!!

Wait! There's more!!! Shellie of Craftbits added us to her Charity page. The word is spreading and I must stock up on boxes to ship off your contributions because I think they will be flying in with all this publicity. Thank you to everyone who is helping this project go forward.


  1. Congratulations!! You deserve it!

  2. I just left a message and got a comment that it went twice ??? hmmm. Let me try again in a few minutes....I dont see even ONCE here.

  3. okay let's try this again....!

    first congratulations ! I will have to check out all of these FUN links. I am thrilled that your project is so successful.

    But the real reason I came by was....YOU LITTLE SURPRISER YOU !!! I cried ! (((more later)))

    Much MUCH love - and Thank You so much.
    xxxxxxxxxxxx-MMM- X !
    - S.

  4. Congratulations Pat, you are such an inspiration for many of us out here who tune in to read and smile and laugh and cry with your blog. Your project is just one of the inspirations for our pink artist project! way to go! ~Monica

  5. Pat, you're welcome. I'm so happy that you liked the way the post turned out. I am so grateful that you were willing to answer my questions and share this wonderful, wonderful project with my blog readers. I'm hoping that by posting about it on all my blogs (yes, I do have a lot of them! LOL LOL) that my readers will be inspired to create comfort dolls for you. Thanks for posting links to my blogs. I appreciate that. Have a great day.


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