Friday, January 11, 2008

Tagged again and flattered.

Maureen of AU tagged me for the "Make my Day" award, as well as Carol Anne Conway. Thank you ladies for letting me know my blog brings a bit of joy to you when you visit. That is always nice to know and is very encouraging.

I wanted to announce a fairly new blogger, and long time sweet friend of mine. Jocelyn Goodger of Pins and Needles blog. Her blog is really coming along wonderfully and I love how she is sharing her work and her notes. She is also participating in Sharon's "Take it further" activity. You may also want to congratulate Sharon for her 4th year of blogging....WoW!!!! Congratulations Sharon you have touched so many in such a positive and inspiring way! I would certainly think you deserve a "Make my Day award"!

I hope you browse her blog often ,as well as other new bloggers to encourage them to continue sharing. There is such a woven fiber made up of projects, ideas, knowledge, and personalities in blogland for us to enjoy in our homes, at our leisure , and I am finding myself spoiled because of it. I never want to take it for granted,and I am sure none of you do either. SO let's show our support for one another. Don't be shy,leave a message,or email the blogger privately with questions or comments. Offer any help when possible, play the "Pay It Forward" if you can. It makes the world smaller. Offer a free tutorial on your blog if you have something unique to share.

One word of advice, and I speak from experience.....if you have selected songs playing on your blog, please go through and listen to each one before will spare you the humiliation of having to tip toe in and remove it so you do not offend the special people who visit your blog. :-0....still embarrassed over that one.

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