Saturday, January 05, 2008

Organizing my studio ......again,and fun mail surprises.

I spent the morning getting a few packages ready to mail. As I looked around the studio I was imagining a new shelf system over by the computer desk, the computer moved over to the window,my bookshelf/large bead storage area rearranged,etc.... but did I want to open a can of worms???? I went for a walk since everything is melting and I was going out to the mailbox anyway and when I returned home I was psyched and ready to go. I first cleaned off the computer desk and moved it,then the book shelf,straightened up my three messy bulletin boards,and did a basic cleaning. I found I didn't need a new shelving unit and the space looked so much brighter. I may have hubby put one shelf near the ceiling for storage baskets for things I rarely need.

My biggest cleaning thrill was organizing my desk. Papers sure have a way of growing don't they? I have an empty bulletin board for notes and current projects by the door so I can view them when I exit. I think I will refold all the fabrics in the bins next week. It is impossible to keep them neat,so they get regular clean ups when I think about it. I was very happy with my progress today. I am about to start a new CQ project for a dear friend,so this motivated me to get busy.

I want to share some fun mail surprises I received. Last week I received a pretty package of needles and a beautiful poem and hand made tag with Lilla's vintage romantic touch. Receiving something from Lilla always makes me feel so feminine. Thank you Lilla, I love my treasures.

The fabulous blue and orange beaded doll arrived today from Grace Danel. I can not believe this is mine and am afraid to post this in case she sent it by accident :-D. I can't believe the beading detail. My husband even asked to see it and was amazed, and he just isn't interested in "things" at all. I then ran up to get my other tiny beaded doll from Sammy Stafney, another "it's mine?" moment. He asked if I could do that and I laughed. I said I wish. I now have two incredible,glorious,beautiful beaded gems to keep each other company. I truly am amazed at the beading. You girls really are gifted. Thank you so much,I certainly do not deserve such finery.

Grace,you really made my day even better by your sweet and thoughtful gift today. I haven't stopped smiling yet! These things should be in a museum under glass!!!!


  1. Hi Pat, I am leaving this comment to let you know that I have tagged you on my blog for a Make My Day Award...Hideko

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful doll. You deserve it, with all the things you do to bless others. =)

    Sounds like you are a whirling dervish in the cleaning department!


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