Friday, January 11, 2008

New toy and catching up..............and a funny story.

Today is definitely a "bubble blowing" day! Last night my new toy arrived at my doorstep. Yes, I gave in and bought a felting machine. I got an excellent deal that I could not pass on. I know I will use a lot because I not only love all the fibers and sheer fabric playing together, but I love the finished look of the projects created with experimenting. I really cannot wait to play.

Another reason for my excitement is that this morning I am going over for a dye day with Ellen which is always so much fun. We chat and cut up like two school girls. She also shows me her newest work, I drool, and start dreaming of playing with the sewing machine.

The day I was heading to the beach with mom was interrupted by rain. :-( We still haven't made it there.

I have put the last bits of Christmas away and am enjoying the newly cleaned closets and drawers. Why do we keep so many useless things in our lives? I actually had the pair of pants (size 6) that I wore the day we signed papers for this house 18 yrs ago. Why????? The house is paid for now and I have no desire to move, I will never be size 6 again,and I am looking forward to my comfy size 9 forever!!!!

That reminds me of a funny story although at the time I was furious.......Years ago shortly after our son was born, we were asked to be in my husband's best buds wedding. The wedding color was black, very elegant, horse drawn carriage to the gazebo, the works. Well, My friend had three bridesmaids,and we went to get fitted. Two of us wore 8/9 and one was 10/11. When the gowns arrived and I picked mine up, I went to try it on and I could not zip it from the waste up. I knew if anything, I had lost weight,and there was no way this was my dress fitted to me. The other size 9 refused to exchange with me because she lived in Michigan and it would be harder for her to get it fitted, for whatever reason. It turned out the tag on the dress was a 6, removed and turned to read 9. It was obvious what they did,they restitched the tag with navy hand.... and there wasn't time for reordering so they had to take my shawl-thingy which we were to place around our neck and let hang from the back, and add fabric to the bust. It was terrible. It still was so tight and squished "the girls" which made for many comments while dancing which had my husband smiling, me, not so much. Always trying to see the bright side,all I could think of was how happy I was to be finished nursing. What insanity that would have been!!!!

Not only was the dress a nightmare, but we had black satin strapped 4 inch heels which we had to stand in the gazebo which was made of decking on the floor which meant we had to not move, and balance ourselves trying to avoid the 1" spaces between planks. I almost took a dive during the ceremony more than once. I gotta say, we did look good though!!!
Perhaps this is another reinforcement of my clothing beliefs....comfy and jeans when you can! You can have the glamor,the dresses,give me a sweat shirt or over sized mens dress shirt and call me Blissful!

Oh well, I am off to get my grubs on and straighten up a bit before hitting Ellen's. I hope you all have a wonderful day of creating and smiling.


  1. LOL The mix up you can at least laugh at now, eh? What a way to start the new year... throw out the outgrown and prep for a future of NEW. I finished Ur lil kiddy kit (love the lavender) and want to ship it home to you...I'd luv it if you kept this doll for your collection although I understand perfectly if you choose to give it away. Have a wonderful weekend with friends! xo, Monica

  2. You've been nominated (again) for the Make my Day award!

  3. What a cute story - I'm still giggling!

    Congrats on your felting machine. I've had mine for six months now. Don't use it was much as I'd like to (Janome Expressions) but when I do - it's so much fun -- and the results are so cool. Can't wait to see what you make. Oh -- and don't be afraid to try every single type of fiber you can get your hands on - it really makes it fun.


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