Thursday, January 31, 2008

Neat surprises to share

These items arrived over a week ago but I never had a chance to share them. It seems my friend Terri from "Lavender between the cracks " blog has been playing "Sneaky Pete" again.

She ordered these special items with images I shared on my blog. You can imagine my reaction upon opening them. How could the ornament made featuring my father snuggling me not bring me to tears? It is the sweetest gift. Then, there is the mouse pad with my wonderful husband and me sitting in the carriage. Who would have thought to do this? It makes computer time even more pleasant when I steal a glance of us smiling. Thank you Terri. You really know how to touch a heart.


  1. Hi Pat, what a precious lovely gift from your friend. The photo of your Dad is such a lovely photo. It is such a thougthful gift from the heart from a good friend.
    I also love that one of you two such a handsome couple.

  2. What a wonderful gift! You have been Blessed!

    I have been reading your blog for a long time and we both were in a group together for Silk Ribbon Embroidery and we exchanged gifts...You are one special lady and so I am giving you the "Excellent Blog Award".
    Check my (new) blog for details.

  3. That was really sweet of her! I love the ornament, especially. It's just beautiful.

  4. Just a feeble attempt to send back a few of the smiles you have given me!


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