Thursday, January 17, 2008

My first 2" Pink square

Well, I sat in the Dr.s office....again this afternoon and embellished this little 2" square for Monica's project. All I have to do now is blanket stitch the edges and begin on another.

An older woman saw me stitching and told me I was going to go blind. Little did she know I could hardly see what I was doing because I had forgotten to slip my cheater glasses in my project box. I told her about the project and she thought it was wonderful.

I am off to make tea for my sweetie and is really cold out and we are still frozen. Stay warm and cozy everyone.


  1. Your talent is overflowing Pat, I'm honored to be involved in a project with you. Now, nix the "monica's" project...and type in instead OUR project. This doll would never be created without the love pouring in from artists all over.

    Gosh this square makes the heart sing! You definitely outdid yourself here, I'm just in awe...
    xo, Monica

  2. That's a wonderful block and so hard to believe it's only 2" square! Very worthwhile project, too.

  3. Well - I stopped by your blog to "hold your hand" and give you some pointers on making art squares -- only to be met by this lovely display of artistic ability! You don't need any hand holding girl -- it's beautiful. Job very WELL done!! I'm working on mine today.

  4. Love the block your doing! Gives me the push I need to go to Monica's site and join in.... Love being part of things like this...Keeps a person grounded to what is important in life!

  5. Hi Pat, your squares are lovely.
    Very feminine looking and inspirationsl.


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