Friday, January 04, 2008

My apologies

I want to apologize for the James Blunt song that was on the sidebar.I love James Blunt and especially that song ,"You're Beautiful" and I didn't realize I had uploaded the uncut version with profanity. I know we are all adults, but I am not crazy about sitting down to view someone's blog and hear that. I didn't review which version I had and only just heard it so I removed the widget until I can spend time creating a more suitable one for all. Ok, I am running to the corner red sorry. I hope I didn't offend anyone,I certainly didn't mean to.


  1. Oh, poor Pat! I can just imagine your mortification. I am sure that if anyone picked up on the lyrics, they would have known it was a mistake. I bet Ed will have a laugh about what his mom is featuring on her blog, LOL.

  2. There are two versions of the "clean" and the other one not so much! :-) It's a nice song tho! :-)

  3. Don't worry about it Pat,
    everyone would know, that would not have been your choice...
    Pat, I have ALWAYS loved your work and blog, so i am passing my award to you for the
    "You Make My Day"..your blog is the first one i click on every day..
    I'm sure you will get this award many times over..
    Hugs julia

  4. Heh Heh ~ You crack me up! I was sewing on New Year's Eve night and actually had your blog on my screen to listen to the songs ~ they are all the one's I love. When I heard that version playing I thought "how progressive of Pat!" Don't worry ~ I'm sure no one was offended!Your so funny!

  5. Actually,my CD has the "word" in the song and it doesn't bother me,so I never thought to check first.They of course play the clean version on the radio so I didn't think to check it. It was an eye opener when I heard it though,LOL. I freaked out and hurried to delete it.I could just imagine people thinking I sat around the house swearing and drinking wine and liqueur all day long. :-) Oh well, it got my heart pumping!

  6. I've got to stop by your blog more often. Swearing, Drinking wine and listening to filthy songs -- my kinda gal!!! Your's silly! LOL LOL LOL


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