Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm here........

Hi everyone. Here I am....thank you for sending me notes hoping I wasn't ill.I haven't flown away. I have just been trying to clean up my laptop files. I have thousands of images that need cleared out and filed properly. By the time I work on them, I don't feel like emailing or browsing. I have also been busy with house organization. I am still finding things that need to go to Goodwill and hopefully there will be an end to it soon.I also had another small painting job for MIL to complete. I really had no idea I hadn't posted in so long.

I wish I had some eye candy to share, but I haven't played at all. The last thing I did was bead a felt piece but haven't photographed it yet. I did receive more comfort dolls and some sweet surprises from a friend which I will share soon. I was hoping with the New Year, the hours in each day would be longer, but no such luck.

The good news is hubby's cold that he caught at the Dr.s that turned into Bronchitis is almost gone. The MRI was fine,no torn rotary cuff. We can now schedule appointments for physical therapy and get his arm working again... we hope.
My little cold was scared away by Echinacea tea and B,C & zinc vitamins, at least that is what I believe. Now to get back to creating this weekend.

Thank you to all who commented on the "Pink Squares". To answer some questions, these seemed huge compared to embellishing the 1"x3" slide pendants...more space to work with. For the backing,I just fused a piece of muslin to the back since it will be against a doll body and no one will see it. I had to cover the threads to secure, and fusing is the best way I know. I had fun making them,and was happy to see you all enjoyed them. I felt inferior and scared to present them because all of you collage artists do such amazing work and CQ seemed to pale in comparison. So I thank you for the encouraging words.

I did get to venture out yesterday with my friend Laney. We went to Barnes in hopes to find a new book or magazine but came away empty handed. Well, we did buy a Latte. We just took our usual space on the floor in front of the beading and quilting books and goofed off for 45 mins. It was fun, as always. A good way to spend a freezing cold morning. We stopped at Target and Laney found her cherry gummy candy while I discovered Creme De Menthe Hershey kisses. Woe is me! I figure and extra mile a day on the bike will allow me 5 kisses a day . If you love dark chocolate and mint, these are wonderful. I don't need them, but here they are....opened and nonreturnable. I guess I have to make the best of it right????? ;-0

Another freezing day prompted me to make stuffed green peppers and chocolate pudding. The house smells wonderful although I do not care for stuffed green peppers. I will enjoy a salad with grilled chicken instead. I thought I would cook early so hubby could eat and I could perhaps work more on my files . I really am tired of looking at photos,and can't believe I have collected so many.

I am off to do my bike riding and floor exercises before I get hooked here on the computer. Such an easy out, to browse and play on the computer instead of working out. I have been doing well though and do not want to mess up. Spring will be here in a few months, and I plan on wearing shorts on the first warm day without feeling the need to tone up. That is my goal....we shall see.

Have a great day and I will be sharing more soon.


  1. nice to read this but please; take it easy!!!

  2. Good heavens! I can't believe you had any doubts about sending in your pink squares when yours is the work *I* look up to! I can't believe how much you got onto each 2" square! Mine look plain by comaprison!


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