Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm finished with my CQ project :-D

I woke this morning at 4:00 with my unfinished project on my mind. I jumped on my exercise bike and barely made it for 45 mins .I was so anxious to start sewing. I ran down stairs to my comfy chair, still in my pj's and continued embellishing.
I found a few other little areas that needed attention so I stitched for a few hours until daylight. I had to run an errand with hubby,but continued stitching when I got home. I was very excited to be so close to putting it together.

This project was so enjoyable. It turned into a whole other animal during the process. All I had to go by was an online photo to select colors from. I have never used red and apple/sage green together before and was out of my element for sure. Well, at least I thought I was, I sat in my front room stitching and as I looked around, I realized I was working with colors I decorate with. My walls are sage green, and I have touches of dark red in my furniture and around the room. I never saw myself using a shade of red before. I then realized this project would go perfectly in my front room........ok, back down to earth. This is for a friend, I keep telling myself......

When I started this, I had plans for something more "traditional", then I wanted it to be "fun", as I embellished more areas, I saw a "Mary Engelbreit" influence forming. A little more whimsy is fine for this project, so I let go and whatever it became is what it wanted to be. I am happy with it. The final trim just went on and tomorrow it will be shipped off in hopes of finding a smiling face from a woman who has sent me a million smiles.
I will be starting on one for myself very soon.


  1. That is so pretty! I can see why it might keep you awake- isn't it great to find a project so energizing you hop out of bed to work on it!

  2. ohhhh,ohh,ohhh , the hole day time to it, but no...........when do you sleep?
    you are realy a crazy girl!!!.

  3. Pretty, pretty! And I love Mary's style. Good job.

    BTW, congrats on your 'stardom' on Linda's craft blogs. It was a really nice article.

  4. oh so pretty pat!
    beautiful beautiful work
    i have a few things to get off my plate then its on to try a CQ square :)
    have a great day

  5. You did a beautiful job. I am sure your friend will be very pleased with it.

  6. So bright and beautiful. Don't EVER limit yourself to 'your' colors! Get out of the element, and fly with it...and see what happens? Something like this happened to me with a 'Winter' block I was making for a RR/Share. Loved the way it turned out!

  7. it is beautiful!!! what a lucky lady the recipient will be!!

  8. THIS is the perfect tea cozy !


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