Friday, January 04, 2008

Fun errand day planned

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year so far.

Yesterday I set aside for "tasks". I spent the morning grocery shopping,exchanging pj's,mailing letters at the post office, and browsing Barnes & Nobles. I figured I would stop at Barnes to slip in a little reward time for "me", plus I had to get my new 2008 date books for the kitchen drawer and my studio. I usually get them for Christmas,so I wait until after to buy them.

I found the new issue of Somerset Studio on the shelf and saw "Sally Jean" featured so I had to buy it. I love her book,"Pretty Little Things" and she seems like such a sweetie. Someone who knows how to have fun. I read a little of it while riding the exercise bike last makes the time pass so quickly.

I then followed my husbands example and cleaned out my closets and dressers to donate to the church shop. My son brought down four huge bags too, so we had 10 huge bags of clothing and household items to donate. Today I will be going out for some fun errands so I will drop them off and browse around a bit. You never know what you may find.

I will then tootle over to the bead shop as I have received two gift certificates from my brother's and they are burning holes in my pocket. After absorbing some bead beauty and getting my "fix", I will stop by Ellen's to drop off fleece yardage I found in my studio closet for her Greyhound coat making. Her three Greyhounds are so sweet and she makes them coats from wild patterned fleece. I know she can put this to good use.

My next stop at mom's to drop off rice pudding I found while grocery shopping. She loves it and I thought it would be a nice surprise. My final stop will be Hobby Lobby to drop off a gift for my friend Laney. We have been so busy over the Holidays we didn't get a chance to get together yet. I also wanted to check out the 80% off Christmas area. They had large jars of seed and bugle beads for 40 cents each. Yes, I said BEADS.

Oh! Last night I received two emails from women who want to do a write up on the Comfort Doll Project. The word is spreading in wonderful ways and far beyond my expectations.
When I return home I must call the shelters again and get info together for the write ups. Oh yes...that Kreinik article....gotta finish that.

I have been getting a lot accomplished,and by next Monday I will have the tree and decorations down and the house in order ready to start fresh. My son returns to college this weekend and the weather is supposed to be much warmer so outside decorations, the ones that haven't been blown down, can be taken down without freezing my fingers and toes..

So, I am off to bundle up and head off to finish my running for a while. Stay warm and create!!!


  1. You are off to a good start. You have given the "Make My Day" award. See my blog for details.

  2. Hi Pat, I also nominated you for the "Make My Day" award. See my blog for details.

  3. hi pat
    sounds like a great day to me:D
    my dad has an adopted grey hound-he's just a neat dog-but was terribly abused when they got him about 4yrs ago :(
    -he's beautiful tawny brown and looks alot like a deer-they are thinking of adopting another one-they spent lots of $$ to fence in the back yard so he can run to his hearts content-my step mom knits winter sweaters for him!!
    have a great day


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