Friday, January 25, 2008

Checking email and browsing blogs this morning.....I won a quiz!!!

I awoke with a headache but immediately made wellness tea and soaked in a hot tub. I barely feel the throbbing as I sit here browsing blogs trying to get my mind off of the pain. I know the last thing I should be doing is straining my eyes viewing a computer screen. But hey.....I miss blog land.

I checked my email and discovered that I won the December quiz the Dollmakers journey offered. I won a $10.00 certificate....oh dear what shall I buy????

They offer so many books and patterns and supplies. Perhaps an easy pattern for new comfort dolls.Perhaps this exquisite mermaid pattern ,"Scylla", by Barbara Schoenoff . I love her, isn't she delightfully beautiful?

I will have to think on this for a while. Thank you whoever picked my name from the hat. If you haven't explored Dollmakers journey, you must have a look. They offer several free patterns and tons of supplies for doll maker's.

I then followed the link from a comment of a new to me that is. Karla's blog , "Daydream Studio" was fun to explore. I loved viewing her creative space and seeing the bird bathing was a sweet reminder of Spring arriving in a few months. I cannot wait to fill the fountain and birdbaths and await the gentle sound of splashing of birds as they preen themselves in the sunshine. I have positioned my birdbaths and fountain in full view yet the birds can't see me directly because of the forsythia and pine trees I peek through while sitting comfortably in my wicker chair sipping tea. They certainly seem to enjoy themselves as they spread their wings under the trickling water then dive into it and fluff their feathers. A very enjoyable show nature puts on for us if we slow down long enough to enjoy.

Well, my headache is gone now, see what a dose of blogging will do? Now I am off to visit my mother and talk about having tea in the garden as soon as ice melts and the earth thaws. Have a delightful day creating and don't forget to smile! :-)


  1. Love that Scylla pattern, think I need to get one too!

  2. Hi Pat, it is 6-30am sat morning here and it is lovely to read your inspiring thoughts as you start your day.Hope you had a great time with your Mum and that your headache stays away. I am off to get stuck in to housework study etc.

  3. Pat,
    Dear, I've got some dizziness spells coming here too, I think here it is not cold enough to kill germs, and we've had a few rounds of bugs from the school these 2 weeks...

    Anyway, congratulation for your winnings! The rich pattern on that mermaid is just something else...but I loved the tightrope walker too on the same page.
    And Brabara's blog is great too, thanks for pointing her out to us!

    Get well soon!

  4. Congrats! I chuckle because I got my newsletter, read that a gift cert had been awarded, then I see your blog and it was you. Too funny!


  5. from me also a congrats; and buy a pattern so than give it to us on your blog so that all can make them and sent to you!!!!!

  6. Afternoon Pat, browsing blogland myself here... so happy I poked my head in to see you won the Dec. quiz! Congrats... it's not hard dropping dinero with dollmakersjourney, I wouldn't be surprised if the ten bucks covered your shipping. LOL At least that's what happens to me after perusing their wonderful site. ;) xo, Monica

  7. That mermaid is certainly a beauty. Congratulations on your win!

  8. Definitely the Scylla pattern! How precious!


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