Saturday, January 12, 2008

A bit of CQ

No, sorry....I don't have the little children images out of my system yet.

I thought I did,



I spent all day yesterday at Ellen's. We laughed, we dyed,we had tea.....It was a fun time.

I came home with a bag of cotton scraps, purple dyed wrists, and some silk hankies. I told Ellen I just received a felting machine and she gave me a package of beautifully dyed silk hankies for felting she had picked up on one of her recent trips. I haven't had time to play with my machine today because I was at a medical center with my husband as he had a MRI. It seems he has a torn rotary cuff. Lots of pain. Surgery is about to be scheduled I'm afraid.

While waiting, I finished one side of my project and started the other. I am so glad I took it with me because there were no magazines unless you wanted to read about AARP!!!!! Yuck! Anyway, here are the results of waiting ....and waiting......and waiting.

Tomorrow.......hopefully..........I felt!


  1. Pat, sorry to hear about your husbands shoulder. I hope it is not a long recovery.

    I love the red and white combinations. What type of rose is the silk ribbon rose? They look so real.

  2. Thanks Karen. The top rose is a spider web rose and the bottom line of roses are the simple Fargo roses.

  3. Pat this is SO beautiful! The color's are amazing!I know JUST what you mean about the emergancy room! My daughter had several boughts of passing out a few yrs ago and we made 3 visits to the emergancy room in 6 weeks! After the first visit ~ I gathered all my read magazines and had them in the car so was able to leave them behind on the second visit ~ and reread them there heh! heh!Oh my ~ I hope your hubby is okay! I know for sure he couldn't ask for a better "nurse" to whip him back into shape! I imagine lot's of tea and hugs will get him better in no time!Love ya lots! Terri

  4. I'm sorry for the reason you had all that wait time, but the results are wonderful. You don't ever have to be finished with the children. =) I didn't know you could felt silk!

  5. Children are a great theme for a cq, keep going! These are wonderful.

    Best wishes to your husband w/ the shoulder surgery.

  6. Thank you all for the well wishes. Hopefully the Dr will call early in the week with results and we can get this taken care of. I appreciate your kind thoughts.


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