Monday, January 07, 2008

60' weather came for a visit

Yesterday was so warm,almost balmy....ok, balmy for Indiana in Jan. 60 degrees,and it is supposed to be again today. Guess where I am going???? To the beach! I phoned mom last night and told her to expect me this morning. There may be piles of snow and ice along the shore, but we won't know until we get there. It is a few minute's drive so very worth the trip. I can't wait.

Yesterday I ventured off to Lowes (hardware store) to find some bins for lace. I woke up starving ,which is unusual for me, a non- breakfast eater for the most part. John can eat anytime,anywhere, so we sat eating breakfast at 5:00. It doesn't get daylight until 7:00 in Jan,and I am an early bird ,one who needs to get shopping done at 5:00 if possible, so I got ready and took off. Well, with my schedule being thrown off by the holidays I had forgotten it was Sunday,and no one opens until 7:00. Argh! I went over to Wal-mart and as I was walking to the door a man ran past me to the door and stopped, then a woman and her teenage daughter ran up and the woman said she had been there since 4:00. I was confused, and had no idea what was going on. For a second I thought I was about to be robbed. The man asked if I was there for Wii, I said no, I was going to shop. Then the lady told me she had called the store last night and they had three Wii systems and she was determined to get one but the store didn't open until 7:00, it was 6:30. I told them good luck and left. I decided to go across the street to Meijer, a large grocery store to waste 30 mins. Well, I discovered some neat things there,picked up a bottle of water and indulged in a choc chip cookie. I did end up finding my bins and went happily on my way home. Whew! What an ordeal! What puzzled me was the fact that the Wii system has been available for a long time. Still a puzzle, but not too concerned to solve that one.

After I organized my bins and placed them on the shelf , I looked around pleased with my efforts. My studio was clean and inviting all ready for my new project. However, I decided I should take down the tree, so that I did. The front room is all clean and moved around a bit. I then went to clean up the front porch and get all of that stored since John was home. I wish decorations went up as easily as they are taken down. It is always a good feeling when Christmas is packed away.

I gave my son a haircut, he showered, packed, ate, and left for college. Always feeling a bit forlorn when he leaves, I grabbed my little project and sat in my newly arranged room and stitched. I finished the little mermaid and added some dangling baubles. She will be a brooch. Baby "Fiona" the Mermaid!

My husband was watching football which didn't interest me so I finished the laundry,cleaned the kitchen,and took a bubble bath. I heard the forecast and phoned mom to plan our beach jaunt. It is now daylight so I must get my hair twigged up and toss on old jeans and a sweat shirt and be on my way. I hope the snow is melted and we can walk along the shore. Even if we can't find one piece of glass, the walk will do wonders for our souls.

Have a great day and remember to smile!


  1. Hi Pat, just popping in to look at all of your pretties and to see what you've been up to.

    I would also like to thank you for your kind words and encouragement regarding "teenagers" and their way. LOL. It was a big help.

    Finally, I just love your saying at the bottom of your blog. So, so true!!!!

  2. hi pat
    ah what a great little mermaid/child brooch!!
    i hope you had a wonderful day at the beach-glad to know i am not the only one who loves the beach in winter too-waaaay too warm here in ct for january too !
    i am having snow with drawl-VBG
    have a great day

  3. Love your mermaid. What a lovely thing to be working on during this warm spell. I hope you had a great morning at the beach!

  4. OMGush! I really need to check my mailbox more often! Thank you for the lovely lil kit to make these beauties! I'd luv to create it and ship it back as a comfort doll. The lavender makes me swoon but the child creates an even bigger smile! I wonder if you'd be interested in creating a 2x2 inch square for charity? The beginnings can be found on my blog, more details shortly. Have a beautiful art filled day! ~Monica

  5. Pat I just love your little Mermaid !! I always have such fun reading your blog , you always post the most intersting things :)I am holding a contest over on my blog if you would like to drop in and take a peek .

  6. your little mixed media dollies are adorable.. with the new year underway I plan on makign some of those comfort dolls for my local shelter :-)

  7. Hi Pat,
    I have you listed on my blog now under Friends On The Path. Love your work ! Art On, and Happy New Year !


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