Monday, December 10, 2007

What's old is new again...aprons and mom

I must say I am delighted to see aprons making a comeback. Until I saw the adorable children's aprons Terri was offering in her etsy shop, I never gave much thought to them. after ordering one,I imagined myself cooking with a grandchild one day covered in flour, giggling, and eating chocolate chips.

Then I received a package from dear Courtney. When I opened it and found an apron for me, my thoughts wandered to my childhood days when mom always wore aprons.
Many of hers were fancy with rick rack trimmed pockets, or sheer with lace trim. My grandmother Hudson made and sent these to her each year. My mother was such a beauty and a lady that my grandmother apparently thought she shouldn't get dirty while in the kitchen??? The photo is of mom at the age of 17. I always thought she looked like a movie star,still do.

If there ever was a June Cleaver, my mother was it! She always wore dresses at home with earrings,never caught her without a simple make up application. Her hair was always long so she pulled up the sides while cooking. It made her look even more glamorous . Although my mother was blessed with beauty, she never flaunted it,especially at home. She baked and cooked with fury. Everything was from scratch, even egg noodles. I can still see the kitchen filled with long flour noodles stretched out on every surface to dry. Yum! I always got to crack one dozen eggs in the well of flour as mom beat for what seemed to be an hour until it was smooth and blended.

My memories of those mom in her aprons came back to me as I held my new gift in my hands. I especially remember a white cotton apron with small floral prints scattered about and the pockets were a simple drawn face of a woman in purple. The apron strings were solid purple.Mom would tie an apron around my chest otherwise it would drag the floor. If mom was stirring, she would sit at the table at my level so I could help. Stirring and breaking eggs were my job. Cake batter bowl licking was my brother's jobs. I always got the spoon because it was in my hand. :-)

I don't know if Courtney knew this, but my kitchen is green and white which one side of the apron is green, the other has a Hawaiian print,which also has a meaning as my brother and his family live in Hawaii. Cool huh?

Thank you Terri and Courtney for allowing me to reminisce those lovely memories......if you peek in my kitchen window you will catch me wearing my apron. Perhaps I need to browse the patterns and fabric after the Holidays to make more?


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM CST

    What perfect aprons and lovely memories! I don't remember doing it but one of my earliest embroideries was a stamped cross stitch apron for my grandmother. She always had one on! At some point the pink apron came back to me. Marjorie

  2. Pat, Your Mum is beautiful!

    when in primary school, I remember making aprons for the school fete each year i loved making pretty frilly ones and the gingham aprons with cross stitch
    (chicken scratch )

  3. I also love the vintage aprons and have collected some - I like to hang them on a hook in the kitchen- They remind me of my Grandmother and Mom wearing them when I was a child- My favorite saying is: My grandmother made it, my Mom gave it away and I bought it back!

  4. What wonderful aprons. I love the memories you have of your mother in the kitchen. =)

  5. So sweet :) I remember my grama putting her apron around me like that too!Your Mom is such a beauty.


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