Friday, December 07, 2007

Tussie Mussie Exchange pretties!

The Tussie Mussie exchange went smooth and on time. The participants,including myself have never exchanged tussie Mussies before. I collected names from a previous blog post and put the names in a hat to pair up the giver's and receivers. It ended up that I didn't catch one name, but luckily, one of the players said more than one is fine with her, so we spent a month of creating and filling the tussie with the recipients favorite things. The results were so beautiful and filled with wondrous items.

The maker of the first Tussie was Laurence of France who sent to me. Laurence felted her tussie sides and it was such an amazing piece that I still am not finished looking at it's beauty. Thank you again Laurence. I will be studying your piece for future felting projects.

The following Tussie is also from Laurence. It went to Mary. I posted the image of it in progress. It is sea themed,with a lighthouse and all. Mary had this to say,"
Thank you so much for partnering me with Laurence. Her tussie is unlike anything I have ever seen and I love it.
Thanks for hosting a wonderful swap."

The next was from Sherry to Sharon. A very delicate pastel tussie filled with some hand made items too. Sharon replied,"I received mine from Sherry Wade, what a treat she does embroidery work that I never have the time to do on my work."

The next was from Sharon to Laurence.I would love to see these in person. Such detail! Sharon said,"I filled it will yarns and sent a bag of buttons and a pile of lace bits and some wool for felting. She likes orange and green, well I did rusty and sage, best I could do.This was fun, I'd never made a tm before and now I'll have to do some for me".

The next was from Wendy to Freda. Freda replied,"
I received Wendy's package today . It is very pretty and great for me as a beginner in tatting. It is made with Thai silk and has a beautiful tatted motif on the front and a gorgeous tatted and beaded handle. She also included two bookmarks, one tatted and one ribbon with beads on the ends. Also a nice collection of beads and 3 sets of tatted and beaded flowers that I already know where 2 are going tonight. I am making a purse and have just the spot for two of them."

The next was from me(Pat) to Wendy. She wrote,"I received a surprise in the mail today. I am so absolutely pleased.
Thank you so much for it. It has definitely made my day. All the
things that you have included were chosen with care and thought. I
really appreciate it!!
The tussie mussie is beautiful with the crazy quilting. I love the
image of a lady with a cat, the colours, the embroidery, dragonfly,
roses and the tatted lace. You've put so much work into it."

The next was from Mary to Laurence. Beautiful silk ribbon embroidery gives such a feminine look. Laurence replied,"

It is very different and so neat and precise. I think I was the only one not doing crazy Quitling , and I love the stitches between the panels.
The tussie was full of wools and buttons, lace and threads for future projects.."

The next Tussie is from Freda to Sherry and myself. Freda sent me one of her beautiful creations as a hostess gift. She spoils me too .The fabrics on this tussie mussie are so elegant. She made a matching bag. Both tussies were the same I believe.I will be placing this on my tree during the Holidays, then it will hang in my studio for fond memories of this swap and all the lovely ladies who participated.

Sherry has been having computer problems,so I will post her reply as soon as possible.

Thank you Laurence,Sherry,Sharon,Wendy,Freda, and Mary for a wonderful and fun swap. You all certainly know how to run a smooth swap! You can view more images of the tussie mussies in progress on most of the blogs. I just ran across how Laurence created mine and it certainly is a labour of love!


  1. Pat,
    You are so kind! I really enjoyed myself and am really impressed with the quality of everybody's work. ( not all swaps I've been on are of that standard)I hope you'll dream up another swap idea for us soon!

  2. OH MY! These are breathtaking!!!!


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