Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tea with Terri.....and Angell too!

Terri , an angel who resides in CT, found two Christmas teacups in an antique shop recently. She kept one and mailed me one because she knows tea is a daily pleasure for me. Alongside the teacup was many goodies I thought you would enjoy seeing. Purple saltwater taffy with a pansy flower in the centers (yum),a gingerbread boy who actually made it for tea today,fantastic purple sequins which popped my eyes when I saw them,and matching bead thread, a gorgeous opalescent glass flower bead for a special pendant for myself, A sweet card,a note paper set from ME,and a silver acorn which was passed to me and I accept it with sincerity and honor. If you go to Terri's blog,you will learn the meaning behind it. Such a special package to explore.

I stole some time to sit and have tea early this afternoon. I lit the candle Terri had sent a few weeks ago which smells heavenly. I made a cup of passion fruit tea my brother had sent from Hawaii, I opened the gingerbread man and shared a bit with Angell who was staring holes through me. I gathered the acorn and a vintage thimble purse I had received from my friends at a needlework shop,and decided the acorn would rest in there.

I happened to have just receive my free issue of Belle Armoire so I sat it on the table to enjoy over tea. I received an early issue because my Gypsy purse has a small appearance in the Jan/Feb issue,but what took my attention was the article on Robin Brown ,owner of Magnolia Pearl,one of my favorite designers. I love how she puts fabrics together to enchant.

So, there I sat, in the front room with soft music playing, the Christmas tree lit along with the wonderful scent of the candle,sipping tea, browsing through a beautiful magazine,and thinking of my friend Terri as I held the silver acorn. I shared a bite of cookie with angell and you can see she was happy and wanted to thank Terri herself for a quiet moment with her mom on a Saturday afternoon. What better way to wrap up the year?
Thanks for the memories Terri.


  1. Pat sounds like a nice way to spend your day! I may just go and brew a cup of tea for myself now that you mention it!

    I don't read French but I see where your comfort doll project is mention here ...

  2. Pat it sounds like you had a wonderful cozy day:) I hope they continue on through the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  3. This mad me cry ~ in a good way of course! You are such a thoughtful friend which is why so many find pleasure in blessing you.

  4. Oh ~ tears flowing again ~ I just noticed the song playing: )

  5. What a wonderful time for you and Angell, and Terri. I'm sure your New Year will be as fulfilling as '07. The sharing you do makes you the recipient of bountiful blessings! It's wonderful to see you experiencing one of my favorite quotes - the older I get, the more like me I become! Live, Love, and Laugh!

  6. Beautiful post Pat, it really made me want to be there - to see your tree, hear the music, smell the tea, the candle and pet the dog. That acorn is beautiful and the little purse fantastic.

    I wish you many more days just like this in 2008, you deserve it. You are so thoughtful, so good to so many.

    I went to Terri's blog as well and absolutely love the flowering teas, I had not seen those before. They are now on my 'to buy' list for a friend of mine for her birthday.

    Thanks for the gift idea and thanks just for being you!

  7. What a great afternoon! Did you have a fire going? That would have been the most perfect thing. =) I love the cup - it's just beautiful.

  8. Hi, Pat. I was looking thru Belle Amore last night at Borders and saw your purse. I was so excited to see that I knew the person that made it! (Even though we've never really met). Congrats on getting your purse in there - it is really wonderful.
    ~Lin Moon


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