Friday, December 21, 2007

Surprise box of Bliss.....still in shock!

First I want to say I am not a glutton,I am not teasing,nor am I showing off. I just wanted to share with you the generous nature of this woman. I inquired about some thin lace scraps and this arrived. Can you believe this? This is all vintage lace. There is a very generous angel named Leslie Kenreich that lives not far from me in Michigan.Although I have only had the pleasure of visiting with her a few times, she finds it in her heart to lavish me with extraordinary gifts. A few years ago she gifted me with a gorgeous vintage purse clasp which I used to make the purse,"Sea Whispers". It is such a treasure because of the clasp from Leslie. One day a box of inks and paints arrived,then tiny laces,now this huge box which almost sent me into a convulsion of Bliss. Although I sat yesterday fondling many pieces,I haven't looked at every piece because I get so overwhelmed. I truly felt like I won a lace lottery or robbed a lace bank. How is this possible? When I read her heartwarming note and thought of Leslie,tucked away for winter in St. Joe,I realize how this is possible. Leslie, I just really don't know how to respond to such a box of Bliss, but all I can say your back..I know where you live! Yes, we will be glass hunting as soon as the Ice melts!!!!!!!!


  1. That's quite a box of lace, and not little pieces, either. You will have fun for a long time with those!

  2. This is fantastic Pat, you will have lace here almost the rest of your life :)
    And the nicest is: you can paint it in all the colors you will need.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Pat, I love it when you have so many fun things to share! What a treat to receive so many beautiful goody's all in one day!

  4. hi pat
    how nice to be gifted with such treasure-it warms the heart doesn't it-
    enjoy creating with your new treats
    merry christmas

  5. chiffondolly8:57 AM CST

    what a wonderful gift! this lady must have a heart of gold. hoping you have a Merry Christmas



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