Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some of my favorite places to shop..handmade

I know I have taken the pledge to buy and give hand made gifts, so I thought I would share a fewEtsy sites where hand made items and supplies for those who create are quality and unique. These should be shared I think. All of these sellers are helpful,friendly and so talented.
Terristhreadart offers beautifully stitched market bags, pillows, pretty gifts.
Kittyandme offers cross stich original designs,and crazy quilted items.
Ribbonwiz offers crazy quilt gifts and assorted kits.
Artful Market Is where I find many little goodies to play with and share.
Cassiscreations offers the altered children image sheets that I have fallen madly for.
Crazyquiltsndolls offers handmade gifts as well as kits to embellish your stash.
Baumcat offers beautifully embellished mini of art.
Missmaggs offers a variety of art doll supplies. Her porcelain faces are A-1!!!!!
Art Tea Life creates art pins and dolls that will tickle your fancy!
Umi &Tsuru offers beautifully designed original jewelry.
Walnut Ridge Studio offers unique OOAF jewelry and knit markers
Fatcatknits offers beautiful roving for felting.
Small treasures is filled with vintage stash to make your head swim with nostalgia.
Gatherings (me) offers printed image kits and various crazy quilt gifts.

So there you have a few places to browse and/or shop. I always appreciate it when someone passes on a new source to me, so I like to return the favor when possible. Buying and giving handmade is like giving a part of yourself. I know it isn't always possible, especially when giving to me. Just think about the person you want to create for and take a week or so this next year and make something from your heart. You can sit home drinking a cup of eggnog tea,wrapping your heart made gifts while avoiding the Holiday shopping malls filled with cheaply made ,overpriced ,imported items and crowds of people, many with colds willing to share their attitude with you. Let's bring back the joy of receiving a thought out, well made, personal gift.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM CST

    Thanks for this wonderful compliation to get me started with my holiday shopping (late as usual!). I haven't explored etsy but it looks well worth a visit. Thanks, Marjorie


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