Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh my! Is this for me?

Yesterday's mail brought a surprise from my friend Lilla. As I opened the package I smelled the familiar scent of lavender and I knew something spectacular and feminine was hidden within.

I was correct! Lilla is a fiber artist from New Zealand who resides in glorious Hawaii. I'd like to credit her prolific blissful creativity to her locale,however we all know creativity comes from within.

Lilla always gives gifts within gifts,so it was no surprise that she decorated the tin which revealed the amazing content. A pretty tissue placed among glittering filler,sparkling greenery branches,and lavender sprinkled throughout. This made me feel like a little girl again,opening a fairy gift.

Gently opening the Pretty tissue I unwrapped the cutest vintage girl card with sparkles glued about her dress,a vial of this magical sparkle substance tied with sheer printed organza,and a breathtaking creation lied within.

I must describe this in detail,it is such a unique piece. It was a stuffed doll,a silk printed little Victorian girl image which was attached to a vintage Talon thread spool. Placed upon the spool was a softly dyed lace appliqué on which the doll stood. The spool has words printed on organza wrapped around it for a touch of whimsy. The doll is embellished with laces and sheer organza ribbons and she is finished off with a French wired ribbon hat with a bit of Tulle. All this finery in soft pink and cream. Again, I must say I felt like a child opening this package of Bliss. Lilla, Thank you so much for treating me to another of your amazing and beautiful creations. It was like a gift from a fairy!


  1. Oh what a precious gift, you lucky girl.

  2. What a heavenly gift! I LOVE seeing you be showered with so much love ~ you deserve it dear one!

  3. hi pat
    you sure were visited by an awfully sweet santa!!
    lovely gift :)


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