Sunday, December 30, 2007

New "Inner Child" dolls

I was playing around last night and this morning and completed this trio of dolls.

I used to have a Winter coat and hat in powder blue when I was a toddler. I remember because I saw the old 35mm home movies over and over again . I remember it was furry and I loved it.
When I saw this image of the girl in the powder blue coat,I had to turn it into a pin. I beaded the hat and lapel and dangled a mitten glove with snowflake from her hand.

As for the two "Inner Child" dolls, they seem to create themselves. The purple,orange,and yellow one was a scrap of fabric I picked out of the waste basket in my studio. It reads,"My Spirit is Free", I guess it is now since I rescued it from doom. :-} What was I thinking? Why are these so fun to make? When will I get back to my crazy quilting? Where is Sandy so I can yell(softly) at her for allowing me to view her wonderful work in person and fall in love with these projects of which I can't seem to stop creating? Oh my, so many questions unanswered.........

We are heading out to see "I Am Legend" this evening. I love Will Smith and the movie looks promising. I will let you know. Wow! The sun just popped out! What a nice surprise!


  1. Happy happy New Year Pat! See you in 2008!!! :) xo, Monica

  2. Here I am ! laughing !

    Well, they are DARLING ! You inspire ME to make them now. I want to make a taller one like your blue green doll. I fell in LOVE with the powder blue coat pin girl as soon as I laid eyes on her. She came out perfectly sweeeeeet. I am going back to enlarge that photo and gawk more. I had a powder blue hat and coat trimmed in white too !

    My heart to yours - Happy NEW YEAR

    You did such a lovely thing this year with your Comfort Dolls--- Just what will you inspire us to do this year ? I wonder.

    Love. S

  3. Ohhhhh these are so sweet! Lot's of bead work in the powder blue one, it's gorgeous.

    Glad you are having fun!


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