Saturday, December 08, 2007

New "Inner Child" doll

I finished this "Inner Child"last night. Her name is Amelia. She is a tall girl and adventurous as she is about to go on a journey.

She insisted that I add the bird stamp and the dragonfly bead because she loves flying. She is full of "heart" as you can see, so I won't worry that she won't be received with open arms. She has her little purse to match her lime green shoes and she is ready to start her journey on Monday. She wanted to leave today but I was out of the house before she was packed.

Where is she going you ask? I cannot say just yet,but perhaps by Wednesday she will be at her destination and possibly revealed by her new mom. We shall see. Ta Ta Amelia!


  1. Amelia is just beautiful! Wherever she is going, she's sure to be loved. =)

  2. hi pat ahhh what a pretty one she is i love her colors-beautiful work!!lots of love in her
    -great shoes!! :D

  3. me again pat!
    i am just wondering if you painted your own muslin for the beautiful inner child?? and if so do you heat set it??

  4. I love your dolls, each one is so creative. Where did you get the shoes? I love them. Hugs Leslie Kenreich


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