Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meet Elliot,Emmeline,and little Silas

Elliot and Emmeline are brother and sister. They will be traveling to Hawaii tomorrow .I Added silk ribbon bows to Emmeline and on her wings she chose to have Swarovski crystal flats.Her wand is sparkling with Art Glitter given to me by Ellen the other day.

Elliot has pearl buttons and his wings also have a sparkle of art glitter.

Little Silas looks better in person. He has a pin back. His beading in the photo looks awful. I don't know where he is off to, but where ever it is, he needs extra love for he is just a little fella.

I am just about to finish Amelia.Prudence,and Dermot. My son phoned and is on his way home,so I will see how far I get. Stay tuned for more of the "gang".


  1. How cute they are! Anyone who receives them will be glad they know you. =)

  2. hi pat
    oh they are beautiful vintage images great job!!
    i am trying to find something that will go thru my printer and print out an image but it has to be soft/flexable enough that i can get a needle thru easily to add beads-the stuff i am using now is a quick fuse inkjet fabric-ohhh boy is it ever hard to get a needle thru! bent needles-tweezers to pull the needle thru and hard on the hands:)
    lol i tried to put a piece of muslin thru the printer-heheee WAS that ever a dumb move!! any suggestions and a point in the right direction as to where to find something like this??
    many thanks


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