Saturday, December 08, 2007

Margo Duke's new felting book is beautiful!

This past week I have been painting one of my mother in law's rental properties. It wasn't bad since my husband was helping,but when you haven't painted for a while and then you must paint three bedrooms,two baths,kitchen,dining, cathedral stairway,and a living room all at once, your neck tends to stiffen up on you. We joked around and made the days pass quickly,but it seemed the weekend would never arrive. Soooooo, when my friend Laney asked me to go shopping today,I didn't hesitate to say yes.

We stopped in Barnes and Noble to get Her Majesty Margo's new felting book. The photos are beautiful and I have already learned a few tips just while thumbing through on the ride home. She includes patterns too.
I met Margo online a few years ago when I visited her website. Somehow I won a bag of silk treasures from her. When it arrived I thought she had made a mistake, all those gorgeous silky fluffs were mine? After admiring the stash for quite some time, I played around and felted a piece which became the center of a purse. Margo was so generous in offering help in hand felting,or wet felting as it is called. It was really fun to do. It is one of my favorite things to date. I have kept in touch with Margo, and when I learned she was writing a book on the subject, I knew it would be a needful thing.


  1. Pat - I still so enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what you are doing. All your creativity is just amazing. I was fortunate enough at the Houston Quilt Show to have a short lecture from Margo and got to see, touch and feel some of her beautiful work - it is unbelievable! I just got her book as well. I will look forward to see some interesting projects that I know you will come up with with her felting and project ideas. BTW, I have started a blog - I am quite the "newby" and am learning with baby steps, but would love to have you visit :-)

  2. This beautiful book looks very interesting, I can't wait to see what you make , felting is still one medium that I have not tried.
    Hugs julia


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