Friday, December 14, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..........

John is at his Christmas party,the music is playing,the tree is almost finished being decorated,and I think it may not be the only thing "lit" soon. I didn't eat breakfast or lunch but had a glass of wine. Not a great idea for me. I was going to open champagne but the mango wine sounded so refreshing. Now I am thinking I was just hungry and went for the fruit!

I took a few pictures of the tree but for whatever reason, I can never get a good tree picture. So, sorry for the eye strain. I used to make Santa's years ago, and have a few of my "not so great" ones which I put out each year. Last year I got this little snow fellow. I love him.

Some of my favorite ornaments are the blown glass flowers and bird houses. I didn't put many ornaments on this year,but at least I did get to the point where I am decorating. Sometimes you just have to put your baggage on the bottom shelf and live for the day. My mother and brother's are coming over Christmas Eve,and it would be pretty miserable if the tree only had lights. I attached dad's violin to the tree top,and now I must decorate around it. I think everyone will enjoy seeing it this year.


  1. The tree looks lovely, and I see nothing wrong with your pictures. Did you listen to Bing? Did you feel close to your dad, as you tied his violin to the top of the tree?

    I love your Santa, and can't imagine this is a not so great one! The snowman is adorable, too.

  2. Pat, how beautiful! I love your blog and I love the photos you share with us. Your tree is gorgeous and I loved seeing your dad's violin. What a lovely tree topper!


  3. Yipii Pat ~ your tree look's beautiful!!! I know JUST what you mean about the photo's ~ I can't get a good one of my tree either! I hope you had a nice evening ~ I was thinking of you all night. I'm off to NY today with Frank to see the Christmas windows ~ he hasn't seen them yet. I'll post some pic's tomorrow! Love Ya!

  4. hi pat
    your tree is wonderful-and using your dad's violin at the top is stunning-eye spy what looks like a lot of german glass ornaments? i can't get enough of them:D
    i think the pic's are good there is a nice softness to them
    i hope you have wonderful holidays


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