Sunday, December 16, 2007

I awoke to a frosted World

As I gazed outside last night at the gently falling snow I knew I would awake to a perfect Winter morning where everything was layered in nature's icing. Since my husband is on vacation I try to potty Angell in the mornings so he can sleep in. This morning when I peeked out the window I couldn't wait to grab my camera and bundle up for a walk around the yard. Poor Angell could barely follow my tracks I tried to widen for her, she took three steps and pottied. Who can blame her? I sure wouldn't want to trek through the snow higher than my head just to go potty. She ran back to the house as John was coming out the back door. He takes care of his little girl, and knew she would need a nice path for her" business". He started to clear off the deck and went back in to dress warmer for time with the snowblower. Yes, heavy artillery was needed for this snowfall. We have a pretty long curved driveway and my son will be arriving from college possibly today. His Camry would slide down the hill for sure. Thank goodness my Honda is 4X.

I continue through the garden and realized although I was sitting in the wicker a week ago, it really was time to put it away. The only outdoor furniture I left out to catch a few quiet garden moments. My Holiday wreath is hardly visible hanging on the garden gate. Although snow is lovely,glistening ,and refreshing, I yearn for the day I can plant the gate's flower box with pansies.

The Globe Arborvitae look like huge frosted cupcakes along the front sidewalk. The Evergreen shrubs and trees certainly have a heavy load today. This was the first big snow of the season and it left me wanting more. The ski boots are warmed up, the ski's are leaning in the corner, just waiting for the snow to stop . Uh oh! I hear the engine of the snow blower. I had better go gather the cocoa and marshmallows to go with the blueberry cheesecake muffins I put in the oven before venturing outside. I hope you all have a magical Winter day!


  1. hi pat
    your beautiful snow pics are wonderful!!-i am such a fool for snow-your yard looks so inviting even in the snow:D
    we are having snow right now too-i love the way it blankets everything in quiet white-that is until the snowplows go by!!
    thanks for the pic's and i hope you had a chance to get out on your ski's- i can only find one boot for my X-country??? sheesh...
    have a good day

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM CST

    I love freshly fallen snow-sitting with a hot cup of something and looking out the window. We don't have quite as much as you do-be careful if you have to go out. Hugs Leslie Kenreich

  3. LOL ! We got snow too and my Teddi walked 6 inches away from the door (on the deck)and went right there! He wasn't interested in the path Frank made for him at all. When it warms up tomorrow ~ I guess I should do away with the "yellow snow!"

  4. Oh Pat! What a beautiful picture of winter. I love the look of snow ... I just don't like to drive in it. We only got ice/slush this weekend and now we just have cold! Thanks for the pictures.

  5. That's an amazing gift, so beautiful. Packaging alone is a wonderful gift. Lucky you!

  6. Amazing! All so fluffy and inviting! Is that your house? It's fabulous! and it looks like a fairy tale under a blanket of snow!
    Enjoy your Christmas, with many blessings and good health in the New Year to you and your family.


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