Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finishing fun projects for Laney

My friend Laney sends links, photos, and torn out pages from magazines when she sees items she likes. Recently she gave me torn pages from the current "cloth,scissors,paper" magazine which had these felt crows. Laney's hubby's nickname is "Joe Crow",so she likes crows. These are stuffed with guess what?????LAVENDER!!!!!

The mermaid was a simple pattern which I embellished the way I thought she should look including a tiny glass corked jar of sea treasures. She is also filled with LAVENDER!!!! Even though I cannot draw, her face was meant to be kind of primitive,sloppy,pathetic. I think I accomplished that,LOL.

Just taking a time out to share...back to work.


  1. Pat, always such beautiful things to see here at your blog!!! The crows are so cute and your mermaid is darling!

  2. hi pat
    love the crows
    i bought cloth paper scissors just for the pattern of them :D
    they are on the to do list for the new year
    have a very merry christmas
    snow flurry hugs


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