Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beautifully delightful book to check out

While riding my stationary bike up and down the imaginary hills ,I was browsing the new issue of Home Companion and saw a delightful ad for a book titled,"Mother Earth And Her Children" by Sibylle Von Olfers. It is a quilted fairytale and if you go to the link ,you will hear a 12 yr old girl singing as you view close up photos of the quilt. The ad states that it is for everyone from 3 to 103. I fit that age group and am ordering it to save for you know future grandchild. Actually, I will enjoy it just as much I'm sure. The quilt is adorable and has such detail. As a crazy quilter, I love detail!
I just wanted to share this with you,especially those with small children or expectant daughters or nieces, or just a fellow quilter of any age!


  1. I like the look of that book. I'm going over to check it out right now. Thanks! Your fours were interesting, too. =)

  2. I had a quick look at this book recently in my LQS. It's gorgeous. Bet the quilt itself is a stunner! If I weren't adversely affected by the fumes from lovely picture books I'd add this to my collection in a heartbeat.

    I may take your meme and use it myself one of these days...

  3. hi pat
    oh that books looks beautiful!!
    no matter the age-hmmm just may have to treat myself to it after the holidays are done(my bday is a few days after christmas)i have always wanted to try my hand at crazy quilting-and it looks like i am getting closer and closer to it-i am see so many wonderful CQ items
    thanks for taking the time to share with us


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