Monday, December 10, 2007

Altering children

Yesterday we were covered in a layer of ice, no ray of sun to be found. What else can you do on a cold wintry day but create? My friend Rose came over and asked if I wanted to go to Joann's with her and the twins.When she was here, I showed her the altered children which she loved. We decided to ask the girls if they wanted to try one. So I got ready and off we went. The roads were thawed much to my surprise. Usually the salt trucks leave us for last. We browsed Joann's and found some mini items to use for our project and some small print cotton fabrics. I was impressed and proud that the girls were also shopping for fabrics to use for making purses for their friends. It was so nice to see girls of their age group sewing on their own free will.

We four sat on the studio floor littered with beads,lavender,silk ribbon,and chocolates, and created four little altered children. I think they came out great. I showed them how to bead the edges so they could finish them later. It was getting late and they had school today,so we couldn't quite finish. They were stuffed with lavender and given a name. I finished beading mine before I went to sleep. It was an enjoyable evening for all.


  1. It's evenings like that one that will be memories for the girls for a long time. How kind you are to share your talents.

  2. hi pat
    what a great day-i love these wonderful little ornaments-are the imgages on cloth and put thru a printer??
    and to fill them with lavendar-mmmmm yummy

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I cracked up when I supersized the pic and saw the way your friend was wearing her glasses!!! I just started needing those reading kind and I am always walking around like that!

  4. Thanks everyone! We had fun!!! Yes Tammy, I used the poplin cloth sheets for the printer for the images. They sew nicely and add a vintage look I think.


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