Thursday, November 29, 2007

With permission...sharing Terri's recipe........

My goodness, I was swamped by requests for Terri's Cranberry bread recipe,so I asked her if it could be shared. I have a friend who will not share recipes, so I wanted to be sure it was ok first. If I couldn't, I would have probably had to make everyone a loaf and send to them.....only kidding ;-D.

Also, someone asked where I bought my mini loaf pan. I bought it 12 years ago at a specialty shop but I have seen them in the kitchen shops that have opened everywhere, and I also think Martha Stewart offers them at Macy's or perhaps K mart. They are handy for gift basket breads and cakes,so you won't regret buying one or two. I think muffin pans would be a cute alternative also. We all have them!!!

So, if you enjoy the recipe,which I'm sure you will, you may want to give a nod to Terri for allowing me to pass this on...Enjoy my friends~~~~~~~

Cranberry Bread from the kitchen of Terri Takacs SIFT TOGETHER: 2 cps flour 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp soda 1tsp salt 1 cup sugar COMBINE: juice and grated peel of one orange 2 Tbsp cooking oil enough orange juice to make 1 cup STIR IN: 1 egg and beat well with fork. Pour mixture into dry ingredients mixing just enough to moisten. FOLD IN: 2 cps of fresh halved cranberries. You may add nuts if desired. BAKE at 350' till top is nicely browned. Freezes well!


  1. Thank you so much! I just sent it to Paul and expect to have some no later than Saturday. He may have to shop around to find some cranberries and there might be something else missing from his cabinet. =) Thanks to Terri for being willing to share!

  2. Thank you Pat and thank you Terri for sharing this. I'll be trying this over the weekend.

  3. Ooohh sounds delicious. I saw fresh cranberries in the supermart for the very first time last week. I hope they will still be there when I get back so that I can try this recipe.

  4. Pat.... what a yummy looking recipe.
    Do you think if i used splenda instead of the sugar it would work? Being diabetic can be a nuisance at times!!!!
    I will make it anyway as I am drooling all over the place....
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for sharing - sounds and looks delicious!


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