Thursday, November 15, 2007

We have a correct guess!

Well, one of you are right in a way. They are sachets to be filled with my fresh harvest of Sweet Annie which is to be hung on your rear view mirror. When the sun warms the pouch,it releases the oils that scents the air with an enlightening aroma of Sweet Annie while providing you with a quirky little child image.Sweet Annie is an herb in the Artemisia family which is grown for it's scent. Often used in wreath and swag making. Not attractive,but makes up for that in it's wonderful scent. Squeeze the bag to release aroma,as you would lavender.
Therefore....Linda was correct in saying they were bags to hold something.


  1. Hi Pat, your altered children bags are are absolutely delightful, what a lovely idea. I have never heard of that herb. Do you know its botanical name by any chance and is it native to USA?

  2. Oh, I'd never in a million years have guessed that! I ought to have known, knowing how you like the herbal scents, but I wouldn't have guessed. Good for someone who could! They are cute as can be and a great idea.

  3. ohhh LOOK AT THESE !!! they are turning out SO CUTE ! You are having fun and it shows !

    These are great. Love love love them.


    ps I had not heard of Sweet Annie....! Thank you for that.


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