Friday, November 02, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things.......

I am having a quiet morning which doesn't include exercise,phone calls,rushing to get ready to run errands, etc. After today I am taking my friend Terri's advice and I'm taking a break from it all. I am going to work on nothing unless I am inspired to do so. Thank you Terri for gently reminding me to slow down. It is my nature to get everything done in a timely manner,even if I am left exhausted. So......this morning I flitted around with my camera to enjoy my favorite things and share them with you. They bring me joy and make my heart sing.

The wire winged angel hangs at the bottom of my stairway so I can send a special hello to my very missed and sweet friend who gave her to me one Christmas before she moved away. I love her dangling arms and legs and the simplicity of her.

The hat and vase grouping is also at the bottom of the stairs by the front door sitting upon a book case my mother in law gave me. The oil painting leaning against the wall was given to me by my grandmother. Under the painting ,the artist sketched my grandmother's profile and then painted the waterfall over it so it was a "secret" between them. Oh dear grandma! The hat was from a yard sale in Michigan. One day while driving home from a delightful jaunt with my mom, we followed signs which led us along the lake shore and to this gorgeous modern glass home where the yard sale was being held. The hat is from Carson Pirie Scott in IL. I had to have it, and later found the metal hat stand to display it.It is really just a reminder of our lovely day spent together.

The photo under that is the same book case which houses my "Victoria" magazine collection from 18 plus years ago,before we moved here. You now know I am a Victoria" addict and why I am so excited it has returned to print. Thank you Victoria!!!!!! The two clear pitcher's above the magazines are from my great grandmother and my husbands great grandmother. I found it odd for me to end up with one from each, but am very pleased about it. My mom and mother in law both know I am sentimental and a hoarder,so the family items are safe with me.

The twig with pink flowers and nest was an arrangement I started to make when I used to design floral arrangements for people. I twisted a floral branch and liked how it looked,then I added the tiny nest and eggs and called it mine. It was supposed to be a huge swag, but it looked sweet and simple,so I kept it for myself. I don't miss floral arranging, but I do miss shopping the floral warehouses in Michigan. wondrous things are hidden there.

Well, there is much more to share,but I am off to give myself a pedicure and continue reading "Crazy as a bed quilt". Everyone, have a Blissful day!

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  1. Thank you Pat for sharing your favorite things with us and reminding us also to sloooooooow things down a bit... I'm missing the days when Christmas was still on Dec. 25 and not in November, I'm longing for the sweet bliss of pajama weekends while enjoying the tunes of the birds outside my window... have a soothing weekend my friend. xo, Monica


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