Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ramblings...on and on......then a question..

Thanksgiving has passed, the turkey was sliced,packed, and sent back to Purdue with my son along with a pecan and pumpkin pie, a can of Redi whip,sparkling grape juice,and clean laundry. Hubby has had his fill of turkey,so today he gets a steak dinner. I have a bit of cleanup and then I am putting up the Christmas tree. I must first clean and fill the humidifier since I have awoken to a dry and sore throat for three days.

It is pretty cold here but the sun keeps shining and makes it appear warm. That's all I ask! I did not participate in "Black Friday" and my hat is off to you if you did. I have only shopped twice after Thanksgiving and both times were unfruitful and left me ashamed of people. I would rather stay home and enjoy family than expose myself to germs and rudeness from other's. I am sure it isn't like that everywhere, but here, people show their true colors when it comes to shopping for a bargain. It is sad that they depend so much on gifting others with objects than time. I'm not saying shopping is bad, just don't make the item the gift. Buy for a person, not because you must present a gift.If people took the hours they spend shopping, and used it for a visit to prepare lunch for their grandma,or help a depressed friend decorate, or buy canned or boxed food and deliver it to the food pantry,they may see how much more rewarding it is to be able to provide such things instead of a knick knack or article of clothing to someone who will most likely return or exchange it anyway. I sound like a Grinch, and I certainly am not,but I have seen it for way too many years. Each year a week after Christmas I hear how disappointed people were over their holiday. I know this is old news, but why can't people see beyond what society has drilled into their heads and think for themselves? It would be such a magical Christmas for everyone if only this could happen.

I am just expressing my thoughts, not aimed at any of you. For those who read my blog, I have found you to be wonderfully giving and generous in praise and uplifting comments. I see your beautiful creations,take a peek into your lives and smile. You put up with my ramblings and seem to come back for more,knowing I enjoy sharing of myself and beautiful things, ideas, and like to speak the truth. I do not preach, or think my opinion is what is right, it is only my opinion and I like to listen to other's opinions because that is what makes life interesting.

I believe it is time to begin my work. I was surprised to find the little ceramic Santa mugs in the current issue of the Victoria magazine. My Aunt Sylvia bought them in Chicago in the 1959 or 1960 . Perhaps from Woolworth's. I would like to know how many of you had or have the little ceramic Santa mugs I posted? Sandy Gordon,Pam Kellogg,Karen South, and??????
Also, she sent us a very large three and four tiered Christmas card each year which had grommets holding each tier together and they unfolded. I have asked mom to try to find some of mine to show you. Some were trees,snowmen, Santa,etc. Does anyone have one to show? I am sure she purchased them in Chicago where she lived for many years. More on Aunt Sylvia memories soon.


  1. I don't have a card like that, but I've seen them in the past. Isn't it lovely to find these old things, and appreciate them now?

    I'd rather work all year toward presents, and use online shopping, if I must. I hate shopping in a crowd of people. I agree, all reason flies out the window!

  2. Since when were any of us in our blogging circle ever part of "the crowd"? ;-)

    I have no old Santa mugs, but I do have the ornament my mom and dad made for me when I was 8 months old, during the Christmas season of 1954....


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