Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quiet evening baking cranberry bread

Yesterday I enjoyed a day out with my husband. He is semi-retired you could say. He retired from USX (Steel Mill) after 30 1/2 years when he was 48,and took a job at a local golf course which doesn't allow him Summer vacation,so his 6 week vacation started on Thanksgiving. This is his fourth year, so I am used to him being home for weeks at a time,but at first,it was crazy. I felt my space was being invaded.

Anyway,he needed new boots,so we browsed several stores until he finally found the right ones. I told the sales lady it was easier when I shopped with my two year old,LOL. We then stopped for a bite before picking up a few groceries. I needed fresh cranberries for a cranberry bread my friend Terri was so kind to send me a recipe for. She also sent one and I ate the whole mini loaf myself the other night and early morning. It was delicious!!!! Thanks again Terri.

I started baking the cranberry bread after dinner and the house smelled wonderful. There is nothing like baking on a cold evening. The recipe calls for halved fresh cranberries. I must admit I gave never cut cranberries in half before. They have a pretty pattern inside and teeny tiny seeds that pop everywhere. My hubby saw what I was doing and thought I was crazy until I showed him the recipe. I kind of felt like a gourmet cook actually doing something more than washing the cranberries. The mini loaves are easy to freeze or share. I packed up two for my mom,the rest went into the freezer,well, four went into the freezer,two in the fridge,well, one now. They turned out great! They are just sweet enough to handle the tart cranberry. I will be making these along with my rum cakes and turtles for Christmas.

I just got my tree up a few hours ago, and was stringing lights when I found two brand new strands are out. Argh! Hubby is checking them with his electrical current checking thingy. I hope they only have a loose bulb. I want to put on the decorations and lace bows tonight. Oh well, I guess I am in no hurry.

I did take some time to decorate more sachets to fill. I think I have four more. I ordered a pound of lavender which should be here tomorrow. I can't wait to open the box,ahhhhhhhh!
I am also trying to think of what to offer for my next giveaway coming up very soon! Keep watching! Have a great day!


  1. Well, this is quite a tease Pat! If you aren't going to start sending out some cranberry loaves I think you should share the recipe. I have never seen a mini loaf pan like that. Hmmm, I think I have to go shopping. lol

  2. I'm with Linda - where's the recipe? =) I love cranberry bread and cranberry-orange muffins - anything with cranberries, really. Yours looked so good. The nice thing about the mini-loaves is that you won't eat a big loaf. Well, maybe. =)

  3. Me too.I'd like the recipie, Pat !!! Sounds yummy, maire

  4. Recipe, pretty please? Surely Terri won't mind?
    Also...where do you order your lavender from? I would like to make sachets for gifts this Christmas too...
    Thanks, Pat!

  5. yummy! I want to come over and have some! (tee hee!). Sounds like a lovely day! I think I'll start getting decorations out today!

  6. leslie kenreich3:15 PM CST

    Bread looks wonderful-I'll have to get the baking bug soon and make some. Everyone at work loves cranberry bread. Hugs Leslie

  7. These look better than mine! You can easily double the recipe so you can use the whole bag of cranberries at once.Does our girl Pat have magic in her fingers or what!


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