Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pink sunrise and Artful Market goodies

Yesterday morning was a "pink sunrise" morning. You know,the kind when everything outside looks pink. I tried to capture the beauty through my kitchen window but as you can see, it shows a pale peachy tone. It was so pretty, like a fairy land. It only lasted a few minutes so I sat on the porch swing until it was over. I wish every morning was a "pink sunrise" morning.

The mail brought my Etsy order from Artful Market. Lynn Johnson offers the most wonderful trinkets for embellishing your work. I cannot keep from slipping in an order of those tiny leaves when I order. They are adorable and such a needful thing! Thanks again Lynn!

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  1. I love pink sunrises too! Plus, pink and baby blue snow skies. Purple skies too! Unfortunately, I haven't caught the Northern Lights yet. Hope you're feeling better.


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