Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh what fun is to play....on a grey and blistery day!

I am going to make a sweater pin from this little lady. Perfect for a Holiday sweater and jeans. I think I will fill her with Sweet Annie also. I am off to cut her out and stitch her together.......I am having so much fun....anyone want to join me??? Come on over,I'll put the kettle on for eggnog tea and set out the praline Biscotti!!!!

Sandy has created a must go see her adorable new creations....oh my!


  1. Oh, she'll be such a cute sweater pin. Great idea! We're having that kind of day, too, but I'm going to work on AmHero quilts - finishing up two more that I have started. Then we'll see about a bit of stitching tonight. Maybe.

  2. Praline biscotti and EGG NOT TEA ???

    I am there !

    I will bring the lavender too.

    Love this little pin SO MUCH.

    What a darling idea. It turned out perfect.

    (((thank You !)))

    Love, S

  3. Leslie Kenreich2:50 PM CST

    What an adorable pin she will make. Love to see your new creations. Hugs Leslie K

  4. Good guess Linda!!! PAt these are SO sweet!!!


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