Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Tussie Mussie from Exchange arrived!

It is nearing the end of November and my Tussie Mussie exchange members are finishing and shipping off their hand made Tussie Mussie to their secret partner. Mine arrived yesterday although I won't say from whom just yet. When everyone has received theirs, I will post them all. I just wanted to share this beautiful five sided felted work of art. It has stitching,beading,felted flowers,embroidered dragonfly,and appliqué is soft,muted ,beautiful colors. Thank you~~~~~~~~!!!! I love it.

She also filled the box with Dupioni and cotton fabrics, vintage laces,beads,applique dragonflies,a cute porcelain duck, and a hand made book filled with sites related to dragonflies. That was so thoughtful to collect all of that info for me to have at my fingertips. I will keep it by my computer.

I will post all of the exchanges very soon. This was such a fun exchange! Thanks ladies!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so pretty, it makes me want to take up a needle & thread! You've been part of some great mail swaps!

  2. It is unreal in person. I can't stop fondling it.It makes me want to pull out my felting goodies and play.


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