Monday, November 19, 2007

My inner child played yesterday!

Yesterday after fixing breakfast ,doing laundry,cleaning the kitchen, making the bed, sweeping floors and cleaning bathrooms, I bid farewell to my hubby,as he went off to visit his mother, and I decided it was play time.
I twigged my hair up,put on a sloppy tee and jammie bottoms,and sprayed my "Angel" perfume on,to further enlighten my mood, and marched into the studio.

Today was the day I make one of Sandy's adorable dolls. The ones I have been wanting to make since I saw one in person. They are a bundle of fun, each with it's own personality! Beautiful colorful cotton fabrics,beads, rainbow of threads,and special charms. When I recognized the tiny bird stamp,I knew I had to add one to my doll as well.For me it symbolizes heart and mind taking flight,letting creativity soar. I bought that stamp several years ago and knew I would find it useful again one day. I was delighted to see Sandy had used it one her dolls. I do hope Sandy forgives me for copying, yes, I am copying her idea and I just can't help it. That is not my usual practice. However this is one of those projects that grab onto your brain won't let you sleep until you have tried your hand at it.

Last week when I was hunting for those altered winged children, a friend brought me a page of faces. Well, they are perfect for these dolls. They look like a very young child's face which is exactly how I felt while creating this doll. I will call her "My Inner Child". Yes I did stuff her with Lavender too. It was a pleasure to sit and inhale sweet Lavender while sewing her together.
I have been collecting for this project and was thrilled to find the high heeled shoes which read,"Made with heart and sole" on the bottom. Too cute! The hands came from Artful Market,an Etsy shop.

Here is my little lady,all ready to meet you. She is a little shy,and she can't walk too well in those heels, but she has a big heart and smells wonderful,and is ready to encourage smiles.


  1. OO, these are sew sweeeeeeet Pat! Your lil kidlettes are begging for some hugs! BTW thank you vry much for the fun lil surprise you shipped me. It is my pleasure to MEET you! I'm inspired by your beauty to give, Monica

  2. Very pleased to meet this wonderful inner child of yours, Pat! I will have to set aside a dollmaking day, too....sounds like exactly the right thing to do...

  3. After all that working, you deserved to go play and let the inner child develop. =)

  4. Oh these are CUTE ~ cute as can be!!! I love the hanging feet! Just gotta try one of these!

  5. Hey that is my Make Art Outfit too !

    But ! I will from now on give that little spray of perfume too (and think of You)

    Nice Touch !

    So excited you are having fun making dolls.

    Love, S.


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