Friday, November 09, 2007

A must do jacket!

Thanks to Gerry Krueger,whom I met on the Crazy Quilting International list,I now have to make a garden jacket for myself for next Spring.I first saw it last month and haven't stopped drooling.

I think it will be so much fun stitching many poems and images onto a sweatshirt turn jacket this winter. You must go see Gerry's jacket details. She made hers using old embroidered linens and such, but I am not a clothes maker,so I will cheat and use the suggestion of a quilting friend who makes sweatshirt jackets all the time. I will appliqué some embroidered linens here and there along with some doily's to make it look "fun". I have salvaged embroidered flower baskets from old linens in hopes to use them one day,well, this is where they will be used.Silk ribbon embroidery and beaded bugs is a must too. It would be so fun to wear wouldn't it? I bought a cream sweat shirt today and although I am not a planner, I will be planning this project before I start.


  1. I have a sweatshirt put aside to do one of these too! I saw one with floral fabrics and vintage tableclothes and hankies ~ SOOO pretty!

  2. What a great idea. I'll be watching for the progress... I had a sweatshirt/jacket for Christmas once, and it got LOTS of wear!

  3. Yes I have seen it, isn't it amazing? I can understand you will have one.....Garden lady you are :)


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