Saturday, November 24, 2007

Exciting mail day!

The mail lady had to bring the mail to the door today! I have been in a lounging mood today,and the mail just supported my need to do nothing. First, an order from Ebay came which I have been anticipating ever since I discovered this product. Some of you may know how much I love,adore,and am addicted to Claire Burke "Original" scent for the home. Well, I can no longer buy it locally,so I went online. The internet said it was available near me, but I phoned three of the places and all of them have replaced Claire Burke with Chris Madden's fragrance. For me, there is no other scent for my home as I have been using it for 23+years.

While searching eBay, I discovered there is also body lotion,hand wash and perfume. Why didn't I know this???? I won the lotion and wash, but not the perfume,which I now put at the top of my list,which happens to be the only thing I want from Santa. Santa is pleased to see something on the list as he is always strapped for ideas. I am just not a "want-ful" lady, although he should know by now beads are always welcome ;-D

Anyway, back to my story, My thoughts turned to an early bubble bath with a glass of wine and slather on Claire Burke afterward before enjoying the next mail goodies..... (read next post)

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