Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Everyone needs a friend....new "child"

My first one is my favorite,but it is fun to experiment with shapes. I woke up with something unique floating around my head. I hope to work on it today after my house gets in order. Not much to do,but my hubby starts a 6 week vacation tomorrow afternoon so I want everything done. My son comes home from college this evening for the weekend so I will be enjoying family after today.

I ran to Michael's with a friend yesterday and found a new rubber stamp for faces that I can't wait to use. I was disappointed to find the shoe charms deleted. I'm glad I bought what I did, of course there is always the internet. I also have decided to stop using the sweet tiny bird stamp on these dolls. I think that is Sandy's signature and it doesn't feel right. I do have a teeny dragonfly,so that may be what I use.

Well, I am outta here! Gotta get the "stuff" done before daybreak or I turn into a pumpkin!!!!!
I'm sure I can sneak in some playtime and computer time here and there...just possibly!


  1. Have a good time with Hubby and Son...Six weeks vacation??? Nice!!!

    Does he always take vacation during the holidays or is it a mandatory vacation because the business closes up??? Just curious.

    I finally got around to posting my answers to the 7 things that you tagged me for...it was fun!

  2. Leslie Kenreich11:44 AM CST

    Love your dolls, you've done such a wonderful job. I love the shoes,they are a perfect touch. Have a great holiday-Hugs Leslie

  3. honestly ! THESE ARE FANTASTIC !


  4. o please ! I Dont own that stamp ! You just have FUN and CREATE ! I love seeing your work.

  5. Oh I just love these little girls... How big are they? Did you make more? Just love all the different things you did on them... and Pat... Thanks so very much for the amazing charm... I will find a special chain to put mine on to wear as a necklace... You are the best...


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